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LightSoundTherapy.Info & LightSoundSoftware.Com are subsidaries of the
Human Insights Group
  in association with
Performance Enhancement Group.
We are committed to research and devlopment into new and innovative light-sound techniques.

Light-Sound Therapy

Light-Sound Therapy is a method of BrainWave-entrainment; i.e. a way of training your brain to enter super-relaxed or super-focused states, as well as states in between.

When combined with carefully chosen/tailored musical accompanyments, the impact of the entrainment can be improved many-fold, due to [so-called] "Right-brain" familiarity, over time.

We engage in Light-Sound research for website: LightSoundTherapy.Info.

We also design and market Light-Sound software for the the PhotoSonix market and the Kasina MindPlace market.

Below is Ron Fitch deep into the custom Light-Sound session he wrote for the
 NovaPRO 100 set to musical tracks from the 11th Hour album, by Mars Lasar.

Light-Sound Session


This is the opening segment of the Light-Sound program
Ron was Experiencing in the above L/S session


Look for a software download page to be accessible from this homepage.

We are preparing a series of Light-Sound programs for the Nova PRO-100
and related L/S units; some free, some for a nominal cost of $7.95 - $9.95 online.

We are located in Alameda California

For more Information Contact: Ron Fitch

Telephone Ron at: (818) 216-5376

E-mail Ron at: RonFitch@LightSoundSoftware.Com